The Portuguese answering system: affirmation, negation and denial

1. Conceptual tools:  the dichotomies ‘positive/negative’, ‘agreement/disagreement’.
2. Minimal answers to yes/no questions: bare verb answers, bare sim answers, ser-answers and adverbial answers.
3. Extended answers to yes/no questions: agreement, disagreement and word order
4. Emphatic positive disagreement
    4.1. Syntactic patterns of emphatic affirmation
    4.2. Main features of the EP emphatic verb reduplication construction
5. Emphatic negative disagreement
    5.1. Patterns of emphatic negation (discontinouos negation)
    5.2. There is no reduplicative pattern for negation
6. Metalinguistic negation (Horn 1989)
    6.1. Sentence-internal vs. sentence-peripheral metalinguistic negation markers
    6.2. Is post-verbal negation in BP ordinary negation or metalinguistic negation?
    6.3. Metalinguistic negation and the left periphery
7. Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese: a comparative overview